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Wind Mills

Our Services

Renewable-Labs develops models for the macro-understanding of the energy transition that is happening in Cyprus and around the world to help its clients make the right choices for the future. Our deep understanding of the policy landscape informs the models we develop to understand the pressing challenges facing the energy industry. In turn, our advisory services are grounded in insights derived from our technical analysis. Our client base spans utilities, developers, investors, technology companies, regulators, and policy makers, enabling us to bring a 360-degree perspective to every engagement.

Project development and Asset Valuation

  • Technical Due Diligence

  • Feasibility studies and Levelized cost of energy analysis.

  • Revenue stream/benefits analysis, either on an individual asset or portfolio basis

  • Production simulation cost modeling using in-house proprietary tools or customized commercial software

  • Project Management

Energy Storage analysis

  • Energy storage dispatch and market optimization modeling

  • Rate design for the development of energy storage

  • Integration of energy storage in Solar parks

  • Sizing and optimization analysis of Energy storage in the Cyprus market

Consumer services

  • Model customers load profile and develop ways to save electricity

  • Advise on the development of Solar on Consumers facilities

  • Run optimization model based on customers load profile

  • Site surveys for Solar development

  • Sustainability goals and reporting criteria

Resource planning & Optimization

  • Production simulation and optimal dispatch modeling

  • Renewable integration studies

  • Reliability/loss-of-load probability modeling

  • GHG abatement strategies

  • Distributed energy resource adoption forecasts

  • Energy storage dispatch and market co-optimization modeling

  • Electricity Market bid evaluation (under development)

Utility Rate Design & Analysis

  • Retail rate design

  • Bill impact analysis

  • Time-of-use pricing

  • Demand Charges pricing

  • Dynamic pricing

  • Rate designs for electric vehicle charging

  • Rate designs for producer-consumers (e.g., net energy metering)

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